Hiding under smoker
Sylvia Leonard’s smile was
an advanced periodontal
condition, which had caused
severe bone loss, constant
gum infections and loose teeth.
Faced with the extraction
of all her upper teeth and
the insertion of a full upper
denture, Sylvia was petrifi ed.
But then she found
Dr. Robert A. Coleman.
“In just one afternoon,
Dr. Coleman and his
wonderful staff removed my
teeth and placed six implants,
and I left his offi ce with
beautiful, new teeth that
looked bett er than the ones
I came in with,” she said.
After spending the winter
on the west coast – without
a single problem with her
temporary bridge – Sylvia
returned to Dr. Coleman’s
offi ce to have her fi nal
porcelain bridgework
Now a non-smoker,
“I receive compliments on my
smile all the time, my mouth
feels really healthy, and I can
eat anything I like,” she said.

Dental Patient

Long Island Health Care

In his comfortable dental office in  Merrick, N.Y., Dr. Robert A. Coleman
transforms patients who walk in with missing, loose or diseased teeth into patients who walk out with beautiful, healthy smiles, all in a matter of hours.
Using the latest Cone Beam CT Scan technology, which provides an  instantaneous diagnosis, and an  “immediate load” process, Dr.  Coleman can replace diseased teeth
with a new temporary fixed bridge at one appointment, and then, at another appointment three to six months
later, with a fi nal restoration.
With this technique, patients never have to wear a removable denture.
“This is leaps and bounds ahead of the typical scenario of taking out the teeth and putting in a denture,” Dr. Coleman said.
“Getting rid of the diseased teeth and walking out with fi xed teeth right away is a big deal.” Because he can perform general dentistry procedures, as well as the surgical and prosthetic phases of implant dentistry, under one roof, Dr. Coleman often can help his
patients receive all of their necessary
treatments in one convenient location,
with minimal appointments.

An Expert Opinion
Dr. Coleman has successfully treated more than 300 patients using the “immediate load” approach to implant dentistry. In total, he has been placing and restoring implants for patients for 25 years, and spent 15 years teaching dentists the surgical and prosthetic phases of implant dentistry as clinical director and clinical associate professor at New York University’s College of Dentistry.

Dr. Robert Coleman

In addition, he is a Fellow of the
American Academy of Implant
Dentistry and a Diplomate of the
American Board of Oral Implantology.

Coleman Dental