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I have been a patient of Dr. Coleman for a very long time. Dr. Coleman and his staff have always been there for me any time I need care. The state of the art examination rooms are immaculate. The staff is efficient, competent, professional, and kind. All in Dr. Coleman's practice embrace his philosophy of excellence which is to give each and everyone of his patients the best of care. It is difficult to express in a few words how I feel and how grateful I am for the special care support and kindness given to me by Dr. Coleman and the wonderful staff over the many years. All I can say is thank you!

- David Dalzano

OMG...where do I start? I have been with Dr. Coleman for over 30 years and have had nothing but extremely positive experiences. I was concerned about my upper front teeth being not perfectly straight and asked him to cap them. Dr. Coleman told me that he did not like to destroy healthy teeth and suggested I get braces....which I did at 36 years of age. You really have to have respect for a dentist who tells you that! Years later I had porcelain jackets and I couldn't be happier with my smile. This man is an artist! I have had many procedures ranging from fillings to root canal and currently an implant. I have never, ever had any negative issues related to the dental work I have had done in his office. My husband and 3 children also see Dr. Coleman. This is a very professional, friendly office and you couldn't ask for nicer staff....they are all wonderful, always smiling, helpful and's like visiting family. I will be moving soon to S. Carolina, but plan on coming back to Dr. Coleman for my dental needs. I simply can't imagine finding another dentist.....I hope he never retires!

- Maureen Goldstein

Dr. Coleman is simply the best. He and the entire staff could not be more welcoming and friendly. I could not be happier with my eight porcelain veneers-- no one ever can even tell they are veneers and I've had absolutely no problems with them. My father also has had root canals and dentures from Dr. Coleman and he did a phenomenal job. If you want to be in good hands absolutely go to Dr. Coleman.

- Martha Colton

The care and professionalism that Dr. Coleman has shown regarding my difficult procedure was above and beyond what I could have expected. He was patient and sensitive to my needs, and the results have been just wonderful--this coming from a patient with a perfection for detail.
Also, his staff and he were warm and caring from the first visit to completion of treatment. Having suffered from a severe dental problem for many years, I have had occasion to receive treatment from several dentists, none of which has been able to substantially help--except Dr. Coleman.
Thank you, Dr. Coleman!

- Carol F.

I can't thank Dr. Coleman and his staff enough for all the time and care they gave to me. I came to Dr. Coleman 2 years ago in desperate need to replace a front tooth that had a root canal from a childhood injury. Most dentists I saw wanted me to replace all 4 of my front teeth as my only option. Dr. Coleman gave me many options, a few of them being to replace my 4 front teeth with veneers, replacing only the 2 front teeth, or just make a cap for the front tooth with the root canal which is extremely hard to match with the existing teeth. When I chose the most difficult one to do (cap only the 1 front tooth) he made it his mission to make my temporary cap look perfect while I wore braces for the next year and a half. When I was finally ready for the permanent cap, he settled for nothing less than perfection. Between Dr. Coleman and the lab Town and Country my tooth matches perfectly with the other front teeth. So much so that my 8 year old son could not pick out the cap. Dr. Coleman, Patty, Michelle, Chris, Dotty, and Beth are the absolute most professional and courteous staff. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for a great smile and healthy teeth.

- Carrie Frederick

Dr. Coleman is a genius! He made made my smile perfect. His staff is always professional and friendly. They are amazing! Especially Patty!! I absolutely love her. She makes me feel welcome and like i'm one of the family. Can't imagine what Dr. Coleman would do without her. Michelle and Chris are very nice too. I would never go anywhere else!!

- Pamela M.

Doctor Coleman did a fabulous job...if I could have one dollar for every compliment I receive about my beautiful teeth, I would be very wealthy....
I am the stand out in all photo's......its the smile!!!!!

- Deborah Yannicelli

I searched on the Internet for an implant dentist here on Long Island, and ended up with practically a whole new life.
Dr. Coleman is not only extremely proficient in the field of implant dentistry, but also happens to be even more proficient in being a wonderful human being,
The entire office staff is equally wonderful, and I couldn't be more pleased with my new smile.

- John Geerlings

- Linda McCarthy

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