Cosmetic Dentistry

The Importance of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many reasons why adult teeth may need restorative treatment. The most common reason is decay, followed by fractured teeth, and old restorations needing replacement. Once we diagnose a problem with one of your teeth, the clock is ticking. The sooner we respond to the particular problem or condition, the better off you'll be. If we delay the procedure it will likely require more extensive and expensive treatment. If you have a tooth that needs restoration, there are often multiple options to treat it. Whether the procedure requires veneers, dentures, dental implants, or just a filling, the faster we react, the more options we will have.
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How Dental Problems Occur

One of the most common dental problems are cavities, which are caused when sugars in the food you eat combine with the bacteria in your mouth. This combination produces a mild acid that eats away at the enamel, the hard outer layer of your tooth. Cavities can occur at any age, but most occur during childhood when dental hygiene may be less thorough. Cavities, if left untreated can become bigger and develop into more severe problems. There is a genetic component to dental health, including teeth, gums, and the bone that holds the teeth. The best way to avoid dental problems is to maintain proper oral health. By maintaining your teeth correctly you will help defend your teeth from the many problems that can arise with your teeth.

Restoration Choices

Part of your initial visit to our office will consist of our staff checking all of your previous dental work. This includes an examination of all of your past restorations such as crowns, fillings, bridges, veneers, etc. for any sign of decay or old age, and we may recommend x-rays so that we can see inside and between your teeth. If we spot any cavities, we will recommend different options for restoring the tooth to full function. With the end decision ultimately up to you, we will provide what options are on the table for your particular case and then, with you can decide how you would like to move forward.

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