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By Dr. Coleman
February 09, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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Sedation DentistryWhen you think about "going to the dentist," the thought inspires a sense of fear in some of us. Whether it's the pain often associated with invasive procedures like root canals or the loss of control you have as you sit back in a dentist chair with someone poking around inside your mouth, the thought of a "simple trip to the dentist" is fleeting enough for some of us that we neglect our routine dental check-ups altogether. Unfortunately, doing this can give way to far more frightening realities involving the state of one's dental profile.

But at Coleman Dental, the days of fearing the dentist are over, as Robert A. Coleman, DMD, and his crew of trusted dental experts offer the option of sedation dentistry for all those who are weary of even the most mundane dental check-ups.

Sedation dentistry utilizes a relaxed, calm state in the patient during any dental procedure that's accomplished with sedatives, serving as the perfect answer for dental patients who suffer from dental phobia while also quickening appointments usually made longer than they need to be by the anxious nerves of such frightened patients.

Because some patients are more uncomfortable at the dentist than others, Dr. Coleman and his dental staff offer different levels of sedation dentistry, which include local anesthesia, minimal sedation, moderate sedation, and deep sedation for your specific needs.

Check out some of the leading benefits of sedation dentistry below:

  • Soothes and relaxes all patients so they can achieve their enhanced smile in record time
  • Makes long procedures feel significantly shorter
  • Makes appointments that would usually take numerous visits be all handled in one because the patient is more cooperative.
  • Improves the outlook of "going to the dentist," helping patients stick to their dental check-up routine and experience improved dental health by extension.

If you'd like more information on sedation dentistry and which option would best fit your needs, give Dr. Coleman or one of his trusted dental associates a call today at (516) 378-0867 for full dental relief right here in Merrick, NY!